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About Your Consultant- Tim Alexander

Tim and Holly Alexander
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Tim has an extensive history in marketing, especially internet marketing as owner of an advertising agency for more than eight years. He has also worked for a well-known national law firm as their Internet Marketing Director. He and his wife started their own vacation short term rental in 2014, expanded to two rentals in 2016 and then added a third in 2017. All told they have hosted close to 900 guests from all over the world. Tim and Holly have maintained SuperHost status with Airbnb and been awarded the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence each year since 2016, the first year they began awarding it to vacation rentals.

Tim has provided consultations to numerous hosts around the globe and has been instrumental in additional successful short term rental start-ups by other hosts. 

He brings an experienced business mindset in an instructional style to the table. Your consultations will be full of insight and open discussion that is personalized to your specific needs. Call 520-261-1819 today to schedule your first consultation or to request your free listing review.

How We Got Started

Tim has managed long term rental properties for several years. One year he purchased a house with a separate guesthouse in the backyard as a rental property, but after three months of being unable to rent it he moved his family into the main house and started a short term rental with the guesthouse. Our first guest was Bear who rented our home through Airbnb about 24 hours after we turned the listing on. We only had three hours notice of his arrival. We were all surprised at how quickly the home rented and it caught us off guard. Although we were ready for guests we were not ready for someone to arrive with hardly any notice because we had turned the air conditioner and water heater off thinking it might be days before our first guest. We quickly turned both on, but to our dismay we found out that the AC only lowered the temperature two degrees per hour and it was about ninety degrees in the home. Bear was a good sport, gave us a nice review, but, although he has since returned to Tucson, has never stayed with us again. We understand.

Our second guest arrived two days after Bear left. She flew into the city, picked up her luggage and booked our home while waiting for her cab. We had 15 minutes notice before she arrived.

The entire family learned a lot about the hospitality business during that first year, but we survived. We not only survived, but started another property and even a third one. We have been awarded both Airbnb's SuperHost status and TripAdvisor's Certificate of Excellence award.

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We made numerous mistakes our first year. These are mistakes you do not have to make! We did not start with great rental properties in high demand areas. We've had to work hard to get to where we are, but you can profit from our experiences. Hit the ground running by asking us to help you set up, start, list and market your short term rental. Contact us now.

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