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Short term rentals, also known as vacation home rentals have become wildly popular in recent years both for homeowners and travelers. But it seems like for every positive story we also hear a horror story from a home-owner whose house was destroyed, or has even lost their home, after letting it short term. We want to help you avoid many of the pitfalls other homeowners and investors have fallen into while helping you maximize your profits in what could be a very lucrative and rewarding business. Some homeowners make six figures per year from their homes. Whether you are renting one room or a whole house, would like additional spending money or need income you could benefit from a consultation or two.

While the website provides many generic tips and suggestions, we encourage you to contact us directly so we can help you with your unique situation. It is in private consultation that we can provide you with the most personalized assistance.

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Your personal STR consultant, Tim Alexander, has hosted over 1000 guests in his three vacation rental homes and provided consultation to numerous short term vacation owners. He would like to help you so call him about your home. Your first half-hour consultation is only $49. Request a FREE, no obligation listing review today. Call 520-261-1819 or complete our contact form.